Monday, November 12, 2012

First message, and its necessary protocol of inauguration

Good day, or good evening for those who live on the other side of the planet or near a volcano in eruption.

This is the first message of my very official and very classy log dedicated to my comic “Les Voisins du Chaos”.
I'll inform you here of the new available pages of the comic, as well as the various stages of its construction. For my most hardcore fans, you'll be able to find, on this blog, sections of my private life, various thoughts, more or less coherent depending on my state of sobriety, and finally juicy details of my good assistant in color application called “Hikarion”.

Please, do not hesitate to send me all the possible comments or critics that could go through your mind, and also about my common misspellings. Being as knowledgeable as it gets in drawing, it is common for me to make typos because of my simian and hairy fingers (that are also very nimble).

Stay tuned for the following events rich in emotions, tears, tenderness and  vice versa.

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