Monday, November 12, 2012

Roller Derby

Here's an illustration I made for the poster of a Roller Derby game in Toulouse. I never heard of this game before a few months ago.
For those who never heard of it before know, it's a sport, where the contestants, predominantly women, fight while circling as fast as they can around a track, on rollers. Well, that's what I understood. At first I thought that we were describing to me the manga Gunm.
Since then, I had the occasion to see games. I found them particularly spectacular. American football players are well mannered gentlemen compared to these Amazons.

I would have try if I did not cherish my coccyx. Besides, my underwear wouldn't have survive the choc. I use them enough like that when I ride my unicorn while distibuting candies on parking malls.

The Rabbit

Here's an illustration that I did for a card game created by the well named Ponchounette, modo of a DeviantArt group in which I participate.

Ponchounette asked me to to illustrate the Ace of Diamonds as a “peacemaker” character, who would come from the angel's side to pacify the demons... Some sort of social worker for pissed off demons. My role when I was still living with my parents.

I went with the rabbit, because they're awesome, especially their tiny droppings that I hide in my roommates' cereal to brighten their breakfast.

I never was a big fan of card games. I always thought it was more a binding hobby rather than a fulfilling activity. My disgust is perhaps related to the fact that I played to much with cards in the hold of the boat I used for my stuffed “Hello Kitty” traffic between Bordeaux and Macao.

I don't know... It never amused me I guess. I have to admit that I never really understood the rules. I just played my cards by instinct. My playing buddies, scarred Chinese pirates, were laughing as I played with no strategy. Did I win or not? I'll never know since I don't speak Mandarin or Cantonese, but they did laugh a lot as they pointed their fingers (and swords) at me at the end of each game.

Figure drawing

I recently started back to exercise on living models, usually in the late afternoon or early evening, in order to improve the perception of the volumes as well as the light's understanding.

I'm trying to gain in simplification and not to go into too many details in order to master the light with the least of contrasts possible.

To be in the mood, and to be fair with the model, I get naked in front of the computer. If it charms my lovely neighbors who admire me from the window, it usually make my two colleagues, with whom I share the room, scream.

Hikarion often insists that I take him as a model, but I do not feel sufficiently talented to paint the fur on his chest or the scales on his knees.


Haaaa sets! What a pain in the buttocks! I think that's the reason why I chose to directly paint environments in the second volume of the comic. It allows me to express the depth, without getting angry about the inking. I know how to give me the means to be lazy!

First message, and its necessary protocol of inauguration

Good day, or good evening for those who live on the other side of the planet or near a volcano in eruption.

This is the first message of my very official and very classy log dedicated to my comic “Les Voisins du Chaos”.
I'll inform you here of the new available pages of the comic, as well as the various stages of its construction. For my most hardcore fans, you'll be able to find, on this blog, sections of my private life, various thoughts, more or less coherent depending on my state of sobriety, and finally juicy details of my good assistant in color application called “Hikarion”.

Please, do not hesitate to send me all the possible comments or critics that could go through your mind, and also about my common misspellings. Being as knowledgeable as it gets in drawing, it is common for me to make typos because of my simian and hairy fingers (that are also very nimble).

Stay tuned for the following events rich in emotions, tears, tenderness and  vice versa.